Sunday, 10 August 2014

How To Use the Post Office's Drop & Go Service

At lot of the time when I post my ebay items out it’s during the lunch break of my day job. There’s always a queue at the counters and I always feel awkward trying to post 30+ things whilst there’s a queue of people behind me, also on their lunch break. I eventually get everything done but lose a lot of my lunch break so have to gobble some food down before I get back to the grind. Fortunately, if you are an ebayer in the UK, the Post Office has a useful service that you can take advantage of. It’s called ‘Drop & Go’.

This is a service provided by a lot of the Post Offices around the country and it does what it says on the tin. You can drop off all of your post at the counter and go, later during the day a member of staff goes through all of your parcels and sorts out the postage for them, payment is deducted from a pay-as-go style top up account, Then later on in the day or the following day you can pick of the receipt (and proofs of postage if you asked for them) for all your parcels. Saving you time since you don’t have to stand at the counter going through all your parcels (and annoying the locals in the queue behind you).

Also, as a bonus there are postage special offers which are ran if you use Drop & Go. At the time of writing the offer is saving 50% postage on medium parcels. The offers change every month or so and details can be found on the Drop & Go website here.

I’ve just started using the Drop & Go service and have already found it a massive boon so I thought I would share with you all here how to use. First signing up to Drop & Go.

Signing Up to Drop & Go

  1. Get a Drop & Go application, you can ask for one at your local Post Office, or download from the Post Office’s website here.
  2. Fill the form in. In the case of using it for posting things on ebay (like me) you don’t need to fill in the Company Name field but will need to select that you are using for the ‘e-auction (inc eBay)’.
  3. Take your form to a Post Office with two forms of ID – passport and driving licence should do.
  4. You’ll be given your card which you will need to top up there and then to start your account
  5. You’re done, you can start using the Drop & Go service.

Using Drop & Go

  1. Fill in a Drop & Go Manifest for everything you want to post. You can download a copy to fill in here. Even though there is space for 15 items, you can post more, just download as many manifest forms as you need.
  2. The only columns that have to be filled in are ‘Service required’ and ‘Post Code’. Once filled in, sign and date the form.
  3. Take the manifest and your parcels to a Post Office that offers the Drop & Go service and had them over at a counter (some Post Offices even have a special Drop & Go counter, so even less queuing – bonus).
  4. Go back to the Post Office (I normally wait till the next day) and ask them for you’re receipts (and proofs of postage if you asked for them in step 3).
  5. Done, and think of all the time you saved.

How Do I Top Up my Drop & Go Card

Easy, just ask at a Post Office counter – telling them how much you want to add to the card. I normally top up before I had over my parcels, so I know there is enough in my account and there won’t be any problems.


Overall, even though I’ve only actually had my Drop & Go card for a week now, I’ve already found it a massive time saver. I thoroughly recommend getting one if you post out items regularly and you want to save yourself some time.

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