Sunday, 28 September 2014

Your Funniest eBay Story

Hi all, I'm looking for your funniest eBay stories to publish on my blog. Whether you are a buyer or seller, I'm looking to hear from you about anything funny that has happened to you on eBay and here's the best bit ... I'm going to give away a £10 Amazon voucher to the story I think is the funniest. See the rules below to find out how you can submit your story.

The rules:
  • Submit your story by writing a comment below
  • Include your eBay name in the comment (at the start or end) so I can contact you if you win
  • I'll decide who the winner is on 31st October 2014 (my decision is final) and contact them shortly after (via eBay) to arrange sending them the voucher - probably electronically
  • Do not use any foul or degrading language (yes, I decide what this means - keep it clean and you'll be fine) - if you do I'll remove the post and you won't have any chance of winning
Good luck


  1. I'm a big girl and ordered a size 22 what i thought was a retro BROWNIES top, when i won the auction found out it was a childs 22 inch proper brownies top LOL, had to explain to the seller, very embarrassing LOL xx

    1. Oh dear, well I hope you sorted it out in end

  2. I am a size 12 - 14 but one evening I "won" a size 10 skirt after bidding in error. I realised later but as it was my own fault I resolved to sell it on. When the item arrived because I am ever the optimist I tried it on and it fitted perfectly. Fate or what!

  3. Whilst I was on the lookout for a new picture for my bare wall, I came across someone selling a stickman picture. It literally was just a penciled stick man on a bit of lined paper, yep I scrolled. : ) (Username Vicosaur)

  4. I purchased a pair of shoes that were listed as a size 9 but when they arrived they were a size 6. The seller apologised and said that she must have read the label upsidedown and that I now have 3 choices. I could return the shoes, sell them on, or cut my toes off to make them fit.

  5. I'm attending a Day of the Dead themed masquerade ball on Saturday for Halloween, so have been looking on eBay for a mask. I decided to order the price low-high and see what I could find cheap. One of the first items that came up was a woman wearing a purple crocheted 'mask' with what looked like white flower shapes around the eyes. The description included words such as 'scary' and 'halloween' and it really just looked like something that kept your face warm

  6. I make dolls house miniatures. I once advertised a 12th scale roast dinner. When it arrived the buyer complained that it wasn't a real roast dinner! Did they really, truly think I would post a full sized steaming hot beef roast dinner? Did they think i was meals on wheels? Mad! Lol


  7. I once had a buyer purchase a winnie the pooh toy and sent me an email thanking me for selling it, as her little boy had left the exact same toy behind on holiday and had been heartbroken ever since. She mentioned the name of her little boy so my mum and I wrote a letter to him explaining that Pooh had wanted to stay a little longer on holiday but had missed him too much so posted himself back to him. We packaged the toy up and addressed it to the little boy. Needless to say, that was the nicest positive feedback I ever had :) x

  8. I was browsing once and came across a really funny listing for a used baked bean. I just had to bid! a week later a little jiffy arrived with three beans in, posted for 10p!! lol

  9. A few years ago I listed a highchair on ebay as "Collect in person" as it was bulky and postage would be very expensive. Anyhow the person who won it lived in Hungary, so I was expecting the sale to fall through. But no she arranged for a van to collect it. I've no idea how much that cost her.